“Happiness is your nature.
It is not wrong to desire it.
What is wrong is seeking it outside when it is inside.”

– Ramana Maharshi

Antwerp Reiki by Sophie Sleeckx

Antwerp Reiki
by Sophie Sleeckx

Antwerp Reiki and Intuitive Healing offers individual Reiki treatments, Reiki classes, and sound healings. Reiki is a Japanese word that can be translated as Universal Life Energy. We are all connected with this energy — it flows through us and makes us feel alive. This life force is often out of balance. 
By restoring and balancing the flow of energy, both Reiki and sound healing contribute to a harmonious and happy life.

‘Even a long time before I started to train Sophie in Reiki and shamanism, it was obvious to me how naturally gifted she is as a very open and pure channel for healing. Today, so many years later, it is a great joy for me to be able to recommend the quality and integrity of her work. Her approach is highly intuitive and her insights into what really can and needs to happen, are guided by wisdom.

— Frank Coppieters