What is Reiki

What is Reiki

What is Reiki

Reiki means Universal Life Energy. It’s a healing method that originated in Japan by Dr. Mikao Usui (1865-1926) and was introduced in the West by Sensei Hawaio Takata (1900-1980). The practice is very simple and works with a soft touch.

Reiki strengthens the immune system, restores health, and brings harmony on different levels, including physical, emotional, and spiritual. The self-healing capacity of the body is activated by the deep relaxation that is offered during treatment, removing obstacles, and allowing energy to flow naturally again. This way healing can take place.

Reiki has become very popular because of the easy way you can restore balance, relieve pain, and make yourself and others feel better. People usually experience more peace and joy after a session.

This universal life force works with the vibration of love and compassion.

Reiki Treatments

What to expect:

During a Reiki treatment, you experience deep relaxation and a soothing feeling. The energy flows where it is needed and restores the balance on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. If you suffer from headaches, anxiety, depression, sleep disorder, chronic pain, emotional or physical fatigue, 
or deep trauma, or if you just want to connect with your highest potential… Reiki will support you in this.

An individual treatment at Antwerp Reiki spans 1,5 hours and the fee for a treatment is 100 euros.

*appointments not cancelled 24 hours in advance will be charged.

* please note there is a waiting list for Reiki sessions.

Reiki treatments

Reiki Classes

If you want to learn how to treat yourself and others with Reiki, there are also Reiki classes available at Antwerp Reiki. In Usui Shiki Ryoho, also known as the Usui System of Natural Healing, there are three degrees. The student is initiated in each degree by a Reiki Master. Each degree represents a deeper commitment to Reiki and is considered as a gift to yourself.

In the first degree, you learn how to treat yourself and others.
In the second degree, you learn the sacred symbols.
In the third degree, you learn to teach others.

First-degree class:

Reiki classes first-degree class

First-degree class:

At Antwerp Reiki a Reiki I class is spread over three consecutive days. Each participant receives four atonements, also known as initiations. You discover the history of Reiki and the lineage bearers. You learn self-treatment, as well as the treatment of others. This class offers a deeper connection with this form of universal life energy. The course fee is 250 euros.

Second-degree class:

Reiki classes second-degree class

A Reiki II class is spread over three consecutive days. Each participant receives one atonement. This class is for those who want a deeper connection with the transforming and healing power of the Reiki energy. The Reiki symbols as they were revealed to Dr. Mikao Usui, and as they were used ever since, are central in this class. These symbols allow the practitioner to invoke more power, get a deeper insight into the world of the unconscious, and send Reiki at distance.

Participants are asked to bring with them a couple of pictures of themselves as a child, and some people who played an important role in their life, such as their parents.

Prepare for a transformative and unforgettable weekend, a deep atonement (initiation), and a new impulse to the Reiki practice. The course fee that is traditionally asked for this initiation is 500 euros and reflects the depth of the process.

The second-degree class is for people who were initiated in the first degree.

Reiki classes second-degree class

Third-degree initiation:

Reiki classes third-degree initiation

Third-degree initiation:

This is an individual trajectory that usually takes a couple of years and results in the initiation as Reiki Master, which means a bigger commitment to Reiki and the ability to teach Reiki to other students.

This initiation is for people who have the first and second degree in the Usui System of Natural Healing.

Reiki Gatherings

We regularly organise afternoons or evenings for Reiki students of all levels to share Reiki with one other. The contribution is 10 euros. Maximum 16 participants.

Currently there are no Reiki gatherings planned.

Reiki gatherings